Chemical Compounding has been in business since 1960 and located at the current location since June 1994. Our plant is in compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations for environmental, health and safety. We have the following permits to operate from: Bay Area Air Quality, California and Federal Environment Protection Agency, East Bay Municipal Utility District (water quality and discharge), City of Oakland Fire Marshal, Alameda County Department of Health Service, California Storm Water Pollution Prevention Department, and Federal Department of Transportation.

Chemical Compounding is strictly in the private label blending business, we do not market any products to the end user. The main industries we serve utilize products for water treatment chemicals, industrial detergents and cleaners, specialty electronic cleaners and etches (Silicon Valley Industries), plating chemicals, marine chemicals, and janitorial chemicals. 

Our customers order products on an as needed basis. We have a wide range of raw materials, and containers in stock to respond to an order. Chemical Compounding can usually manufacture and ship most orders within one to three working days. We work closely with our local distributors to ensure an adequate supply of raw materials available to us on a same day or next day basis. All of our distributors have reliable sources of metasilicates, surfactants, acids, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, solvents, phosphates and other specialty chemicals, that we have approved for use in our customers formulas.