Quality Control

Chemical Compounding approaches quality control at many levels:
  • Raw materials are only purchased from approved suppliers and inspected before use.
  • Each formula is stored on computer and protected against fire and other calamities.
  • Each formula is given a unique code to enable the production and shipping personnel to track the finished product through the plant.
  • Formula, batch size and customer information are tracked throughout production.
  • All liquid products are made by weight on load cell scales.
  • All liquid products are made in clean stainless or polyethylene tanks that are on digital scales for ease of measuring and accuracy.
  • Formulas are blended in specific order and any qc procedures are implemented before packaging.
  • Batches can be inspected by the following criteria:
    • visual
    • observation for clarity
    • specific gravity
    • pH testing
    • titration
    • refractive index
  • Each formula ingredient can be tracked by lot or batch number noted at time of production.
  • Before the finished product is packaged, a representative sample is collected, marked with formula number and date of manufacture, then saved for six months.
  • Finished product is packaged in specified containers which display the formula code.
  • Filled and sealed containers are moved to shipping's staging area for labeling and order consolidation.
  • Before labeling, at least three personnel, trained and certified under the "DOT" HM-181 Ruling, cross-check:
    • original order
    • product code
    • packaging
    • customer labeling
    • hazard labeleling
    • destination
    • shipping papers
    • shipping's master book